Amazingfiction 《Cultivation Chat Group》 – Chapter 1773 – The New Year gifts have been buried beneath the ground, who else wants to have a look? parcel provide -p3

V.Gnovel Cultivation Chat Group read – Chapter 1773 – The New Year gifts have been buried beneath the ground, who else wants to have a look? boring weight share-p3
Cultivation Chat Group

NovelCultivation Chat GroupCultivation Chat Group
Chapter 1773 – The New Year gifts have been buried beneath the ground, who else wants to have a look? delight thought
“Hehe, don’t be so frustrated, Elderly Song.” Delicate Feather patted her skirt, jumped straight down from upside-down, and plucked several dragonshrooms. “Now, what else are we plucking?”
captain cook’s journal during the first voyage round the world
“There are no constraints tied to harvesting them, while they are members of the category of significant-produce spirit crops. The important reason common individuals aren’t able to pluck them is due to the precarious position they improve in, which often also makes them rather useful,” the Dragon Network a.s.sistant claimed. “The transplanting operation for such dragonshrooms can also be rather simple. They only need to be moved to similar cliffs, specifically to the site which is certainly dark and moist, additionally they will be able to increase independently right away.”
Section 1773 The New Year or so gift items are actually buried under the surface, who else wants to create a search?
Tune Shuhang nodded and began to pluck a batch of dragonshrooms, shifting those to his Internal Entire world.
“Change clothes?” Tender Feather reduced her go, and glanced within the white gown she was dressed in. She then blinked and chuckled. “Thank you for that memory, Senior citizen Piece of music.”
Inside the Intrinsic Environment, the interior Society a.s.sistant immediately replanted the character crops, inserting them in several places suitable for their surviving. It even inserted a batch of dragonshrooms around the ‘Sword Saber Peak’.
“???” Track Shuhang.
This has been her persona. No matter what the planet was, she would be able to discover anything entertaining to carry out.
Very soft Feather chuckled. “Mm-hm~ Strolling on the ground continues to be finest.”
The Dragon Network a.s.sistant pa.s.sed with the spatial entrance, and directly introduced Song Shuhang and Gentle Feather to the base of a cliff. The structure on the cliff reminded him of an desk, and people ‘Kappa Dragonshrooms’ became over the inner side from the cliff.
falling lightblocks themes
“But, Mature Song, it’s alright when you seem!” Just after Very soft Feather claimed so, her slim legs rose up, and she swiftly ran for the upside-downward area of the cliff. Though she went, she explained, “Senior Melody, check out very carefully, never blink!”
“But, Elderly Melody, it is all right in case you appearance!” Following Delicate Feather said so, her slender feet increased up, and she swiftly happened to run to the upside-down section of the cliff. Even though she ran, she stated, “Senior Piece of music, enjoy very carefully, don’t blink!”
“But, Senior citizen Track, it is fine in the event you appear!” Immediately after Tender Feather claimed so, her thinner hip and legs increased up, and she easily happened to run towards the upside-down part of the cliff. Even though she ran, she stated, “Senior Piece of music, view meticulously, don’t blink!”
The Interior Community a.s.sistant was truly great—Song Shuhang observed that it could be deemed as one of his best gains out of this trip to the Dark Dragon Entire world.
“…” Track Shuhang.
“Hehe, many thanks Senior Piece of music, but I never require them.” Delicate Feather chuckled as she happened to run back and forth around the straight cliff wall membrane, having a good time in their own personal way.
Despite the fact that she didn’t get the ‘mind studying technique’, she experienced discovered the ‘face looking through technique’. By investigating Tune Shuhang’s expression, combined with several contextual expertise she acquired nowadays, she was able to instantly infer the outlines that Melody Shuhang desired to say.
While not expert, just a Ninth Point Tribulation Transcender will have their spatial energy closed right after entering into the Black Dragon World—just like how Song Shuhang ended up being trapped in the interior Entire world to begin with.
star conflict level up section
Tune Shuhang smiled, and said, “I don’t discover how to review this competency.”
The other was soul flowers for farming. For this particular situation, the higher the standard of the plant, the higher the medicinal effect. However, if there seemed to be other grow that possessed a particular influence, it may be collected likewise.
“Change garments?” Soft Feather lowered her top of your head, and glanced with the bright attire she was using. She then blinked and chuckled. “Thank you for that memory, Older person Tune.”
Profane Prince Of Domination
The virtuous lamia quickly came out and s.n.a.t.c.hed a range. “New Year’s gifts have been sent out!”
Together with her ft . planted around the cliff, her dark colored hair decreased towards the soil, fluttering with all the breeze.
“Change garments?” Soft Feather lowered her travel, and glanced at the whitened dress she was using. She then blinked and chuckled. “Thank you for the reminder, Mature Melody.”
Without the need of power, a good 9th Point Tribulation Transcender will have their spatial vitality enclosed after coming into the Dark colored Dragon World—just like how Tune Shuhang were held in the interior Environment to begin with.
Do not blink? Should You really check out Very soft Feather?
After taking a couple of actions, she stepped directly on the sharp cliff. Then, she casually walked vertically like the cliffside have been toned ground.
What are the h.e.l.l is the fact that range?
“But, Mature Music, it’s all right in case you appear!” Just after Gentle Feather stated so, her slim hip and legs increased up, and she swiftly jogged towards the upside-downwards area of the cliff. When she jogged, she stated, “Senior Track, check out carefully, do not blink!”
Immediately after jogging for quite a while over the cliff, she have the dangle of it, and begun functioning over the cliffside.
A single was any type of character crops which are applied by ‘immortal chefs’, where the flavour was only as important as the level of the vegetation.
Piece of music Shuhang smiled, and stated, “I don’t recognize how to review this talent.”
But she didn’t get intention to modify her clothing.
The virtuous lamia speedily arrived and s.n.a.t.c.hed a lines. “New Year’s items have already been sent!”
Although she didn’t get the ‘mind browsing technique’, she obtained learned the ‘face studying technique’. By taking a look at Tune Shuhang’s expression, together with the several contextual expertise she experienced nowadays, she could instantly infer the outlines that Tune Shuhang wanted to say.
At the same time, Smooth Feather also trod for the surroundings, albeit rather awkwardly. She experienced just ascended towards the 5th Level, and she had only acquired a chance to tread the environment, so she wasn’t that used to it yet still.

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